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Jimmy & Valerie

Jimmy and Valerie got married at the Abernethy Center in Portland, Oregon. They chose a more intimate approach, as Jimmy's family wasn't able to fly in from overseas, but nevertheless joined the ceremony virtually. The night was filled with joyous moments and memories of  how two people, at first incredibly far in distance, ended up growing so close to one another.

Dmitriy & Vika

The perfect definition of a couple who couldn't wait to spend the rest of their lives together! Both Vika and Dmitriy's vows reflected the memories they shared together, both through happiness and hardship. From morning to evening the love ran bright - nervous excitement before the first look, in between moments filled with jokes and affection, even into the glorious send off that gave the day a perfect end! 

Eric & Ina

From the day I met Eric and Ina I knew their lives would only add to one another and everyone around them. Their assurance in God's guidance of their lives reflected throughout the whole ceremony and following events. As their friends shared about their early stages, it only painted a more complete picture of how beautiful the story of these two really was.


Booking for 2022 with packages starting at $1799

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