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Your wedding, authentically approached and uniquely crafted

Telling your tale through captivating film

Not "just a highlight,"  but a preservation of what matters.


Your wedding film is a big deal.

In fact, it's more than just a film.

It's the culmination of your story- how you met, moments of bonding, difficulty along the way, every small victory that brought you here.

You want that captured to uniquely reflect you - with quality and intention so you can look back years later, and still relive the experience.

Your treasured moments don't have to fade with time.

What to Expect


You Inquire

Whether you still don't have a clear decision or

know exactly what you want. Just fill out the short "Inquire" section and your job is done. I'll get back in 24 hours and we go from there!


We Chat

Every couple has a different story and approach to their wedding day - that's what makes this exciting. Phone, email or text, I make sure you get what you need.


The Big Day!

You're done! Now you can relax knowing your wedding film will be the best it can be, and take the rest of the time to focus on all other details for your wedding!


Hi, it's Paul.

The one behind the camera and the computer, the one with you from start to finish.

Creating photos and films for the past 5 years, I come with more than a creative approach. I'm here to serve my couples and making sure they feel comfortable and understood.

You have a history, personalities and values unique to yourselves. I want meet you there - to show your authentic side, portray every important moment in detail, and connect it through a story that started long before you met me. Your wedding day matters and I'm here for it!


Paul puts his heart and soul into the work he does. He is very easy to work with, provides ideas and LISTENS to his clients.

- Vadim & Jess


Reach out for packages starting at $1850

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